Backofficelite login

Comersus Version: 9.2 Database type: Access Web Site: I downloaded and installed for evaluation. Logged into backofficelite and did a few things. I went to my local drive to prepare a few pictures for upload into the store. When I went back, the backofficelite login had timed out. When I tried to login again,

Permission denied

Comersus Version: not Database type: not Web Site: Hello, I have migrated a site, but i get the next error Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a0046’ Permission denied /LM/W3SVC/104/ROOT/global.asa, line 192

Admin Password Reset

Comersus Version: 2005 Database type: xx Web Site: Updated admin password to have ** at end of it and now system won’t accept password. Need to reset. Found info on a diagnostic tool to reset password, but can not find a link. Looking for direction. Thanks

not receiving emails

Comersus Version: 8.02 Database type: access Web Site: This week my shopping cart started to intermittently not send me notification emails when new orders are in my store. I would also like information on how to upgrade from version 8.05 to the newest version.

Disabling RC4

Comersus Version: 6 Database type: Access Web Site: Are there plans or fixes in place to replace the current RC4 encryption method used in Comersus? Many payment gateways are disabling this cipher. Thank you.


Comersus Version: 7 Database type: access Web Site: The uploads.asp has suddenly stopped working. Seems to be due to a windows update. Does not pass the file value to the upload script. Do you have an update?

Missing Cart Rows

Comersus Version: 6 Database type: SQL Server 2008 Web Site: I’ve been using Comersus for many years. Woke up to a nasty shock this morning. The store is running OK but customers and admin only see one purchased product / cart row. There are many valid orders for a customer but only ever one

CDOSys Email Configuration

Comersus Version: 7.10 Database type: MySql Web Site: My hosting company GoDaddy upgraded my windows server from a iis6 to an iis7 and it no longer supports CDONTS which is what I was using. Their info says I need to switch to CDOsys. How do I make that work in Comersus.

Picture Upload

Comersus Version: 9.1 Database type: Web Site: I am getting an error message every time I attempt to upload a picture for the categories and items.

Import products Via Excel

Comersus Version: 9.1 Database type: MySQL Web Site: I am setting up my excel file to import products. How do I enter a sub-category product into the excel file and how do I name the sub-categories when there are other products that have the same type of sub-category. eg Category «Shirts» with sub-category «Red»

Comersus MySQL password

Comersus Version: 6.07 Database type: MySQL Web Site: Hello, You set up a MySQL Comersus databse on my server in 2008. We need to backup the database and my server guys are asking for Root Password? Can you help please. Regards Imran


Comersus Version: 708 Database type: SQL 2008 Web Site: My version of MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.4.0 in the 708 cart ran fine on my old iis 2003 server, now on iis7.5 (2008 R2) won’t run unless I remove the .4.0 and just use «MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP» but then gatewayPayPalExpress2.asp cannot find the pEmail in the search string mySQL=»SELECT idCustomer

Comersus 9.20 was released

Comersus 9.20 was released today. In this new version we have: Brand new CSS layout Configurable layout colors Bug fixes Automatic store news with item added link Email to friend included in Free Distribution Amazon Payments gateway integration Dynamic jQuery slider for images Dynamic jQuery listing ordering for items, customers and orders in Backoffice Lite

Protx payment problem

Comersus Version: 7098Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Permanent issue Hi, Site has now gone live and Im very happy with it, I do however have a problem that has popped up that is causing some problem. I have added the protx own serve method, which you kindly supplied me with an additional page that takes the