Author: Brandon Schenz

Temporary error in your Comersus Store

Comersus Version: 605Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Random issue I am getting the following email from the Shopping cart. This happens about once a week or so, and always in pairs about 3 to 5 minutes apart. Support, There are errors in your Comersus Store. Error: Error in screenMessages, error: Operation is not allowed when the

Upgrading to Current Version

Comersus Version: 605Database type: AccessFrequency: Random issue Am I able to upgrade to the current version at no additional charge? I am a Power Pack user and would like to eaither get a fresh copy of my current version (6.05), or upgrade to the curtrent version. I'm hoping that when I do this and upgrade

Missing Orders

Comersus Version: 600Database type: AccessFrequency: Random issue I am having problems with Missing Orders. I was attempting to customize the check-out process so that customers were not required to create an account. However after doing this, there were two order emails that came through, but nothing in the database. I restored the original files I