Category: Database

Backofficelite login

Comersus Version: 9.2 Database type: Access Web Site: I downloaded and installed for evaluation. Logged into backofficelite and did a few things. I went to my local drive to prepare a few pictures for upload into the store. When I went back, the backofficelite login had timed out. When I tried to login again,

Admin Password Reset

Comersus Version: 2005 Database type: xx Web Site: Updated admin password to have ** at end of it and now system won’t accept password. Need to reset. Found info on a diagnostic tool to reset password, but can not find a link. Looking for direction. Thanks

Missing Cart Rows

Comersus Version: 6 Database type: SQL Server 2008 Web Site: I’ve been using Comersus for many years. Woke up to a nasty shock this morning. The store is running OK but customers and admin only see one purchased product / cart row. There are many valid orders for a customer but only ever one

Import products Via Excel

Comersus Version: 9.1 Database type: MySQL Web Site: I am setting up my excel file to import products. How do I enter a sub-category product into the excel file and how do I name the sub-categories when there are other products that have the same type of sub-category. eg Category “Shirts” with sub-category “Red”

Comersus MySQL password

Comersus Version: 6.07 Database type: MySQL Web Site: Hello, You set up a MySQL Comersus databse on my server in 2008. We need to backup the database and my server guys are asking for Root Password? Can you help please. Regards Imran