Enabling the Payment Gateways

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I think Im about there, but still need some help. Ive got the products in, the site running and can run through the entire purchase process fine. I was wondering the following though:
1. Most sites simply ask the customer to input a CC type, number, etc, and then you fill out some hidden fields and pass the whole mess to a payment processor to get the payment made. This one appears to be providing examples of multiple methods that it exposes to the customer. Shouldnt this be hidden from the customer, and if so, which .asp form do I use to comment out that code and what variable (pPayment???) do I set and where to set the needed value.
2. Does the product take care of all the appropriate emails to both the customer and the fullfilment location? IF so, where are the text for these emails set?
3. Im using the Backoffice9 (since Im trying to do this on a shoestring budget since Im doing an equity deal with the site owner and not straight pay) and cant seem to see some of the stuff to set. Is there any more complete docs on the underlying database fields and the meanings of the various values (what does a -1 mean in the SSL field in the Payments table?) in the tables?

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