Setting up Email

Comersus Version: 600
Database type: Access
Frequency: Permanent issue

1.)I'm not understand what it is I should be doing in order to get email to work after a order has been place. I've ran the diagnostice for testing email.
And the message I receive is " error while sending email: Object requied. I'm not sure what email component I should be configuring. I running windows 2000 advance server (I'm still learning)

2.)In the utilities under settings. I have pEmailAdmin: The settings I have here works.

pEmailSender: would this be the address use when a
order is being submited from the shopping cart. I have it set to the address I'm using

pSmtpServer: I have this set to my ISP outbound mailserver.

pEmailComponent: is set to NONE

With everthing set I'm not receiving any test order email.

3.) The folder Includes and the file sendmail.asp should I be configuring this file as well.

So far I must say that your shopping cart is working great. Still have a lot to learn.
Thanks for you help


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