Optional checked as default

Comersus Version: 603
Database type: Access
Frequency: Permanent issue

I have created an option group (the selection method is a check box). Via the settings, I set pForceSelectOptionals on YES.It works fine as long as pItemShown = 0. If pItemShown >1, then on Comersus_index.asp, we have the items on screen, but the one that has options has its check box missing. And then if I click Add to cart, I get an error.
I bypassed the problem by creating an intermediary file with this condition:

if pHowManyOptionals = 0 then
Response.redirect "Comersus_addItem.asp?idProduct="&pIdProduct&"&quantity=1"
Response.redirect "Comersus_ViewItem.asp?idProduct="&pIdProduct&"&quantity=1"
end if
It works fine.

Now, in includesitemFunction I modified the following line:
if pType="c" then
htmlToPrint=htmlToPrint &"

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3 Responses to "Optional checked as default"

  1. Comersus (Sisro) says:


    itemFunctions.asp has a known problem with optionals and was fixed in Comersus 6.04

    Please download Comersus 6.04 free version from http://www.comersus.com/free.html and replace the file /includes/itemFunctions.asp with the one that comes with version 6.04

    Then apply your changes.


  2. Dirk says:

    Hi, were can I find the archive for ver 6.04 I need the above mentioned file.. yeayea I know I am 10 years behind.

    My version is 6.02
    FILE REQUIRE: /itemFunctions.asp

    Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ‘80004005’
    [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Program type out of range
    /includes/itemFunctions.asp, line 94


    Comersus Rollins Reply:

    Hi Dirk, we don’t maintain all versions online but you can request an old file or distribution using the resend the Software Resend http://www.comersus.com/purchase/


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