Email CDONTS config

Comersus Version: 605
Database type: Access
Frequency: Permanent issue

Email Test

Trying to send email…

Error while sending email: Object required. Have you installed and configured the right email component in this server?. If you don't want this message to appear just change the setting in Database Settings.
When I try to test the reply nothing happens I dont get any reply I checked the forum and got the post
But still I cant get it function what am I doing wrong.
My boss needs this to work before we order the full version.
Am i getting a mail from the script when customer orders something or do I have to logged in to backoffice all time.
So when testing the email I dont get any reply I called my ISP and they told me that they work with CDONTS only.
So Is comersus something that I cant use??
I also edit the script with password etc.

/Paulos (dead man in a few days)

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