PayPal Express Checkout error

Comersus Version: 707
Database type: SQL Server
Frequency: Random issue

I am continually getting an error message email

There are errors in your Comersus Store.
Error: Error in getSettingKey, error: Type mismatch – Err.Number:13 – SQL:SELECT settingValue FROM settings WHERE settingKey='pPayPalExpressCheckout' AND idStore=1

I have commented out this setting in the code of thee page causing the error but I continue to get these error message emails. When I visit the page there doesn't seem to be any problems.

It's possible this error is being caused by ScanAlert scanning our site, but I can't figure out why this message would be generated if I commented out all references to the PayPalExpressCheckout setting. Any ideas? Could this setting be called from some include files? The page that is generating this is the viewItem page.


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