cartSubTotal wiped out

Comersus Version: 700
Database type: SQL Server
Frequency: Permanent issue

Between the comersus_checkOut3.asp
and the comersus_gatewayAuthorizenetAimForm.asp
form the subtotal gets wiped out, but it looks as if it's in the query string.
I've tried replacing the comersus_gatewayAuthorizenetAimForm.asp and got the same results any help will be greatly appreciated.
Subtotal cartSubTotal: 0|54|14|53|40|221|20|163|12&name=Stephen&lastName=Rowley&address=936+chk&city=providence&state=RI&zip=02908&country=US&phone=274%2D1175&email=srowley%40site%2Ecom&orderDetails=1x+%23965257%2F25263++variations+%3D+%24183%2E75%0D%0A&company=name

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