Shipping methods don't function

Comersus Version: 709
Database type: SQL Server
Frequency: Permanent issue

I am trying to set up a number of shipping methods, all to be flat rate.

First I have set pRealTimeShipping in settings to "None"
next I have one Shipping zone set up to cover all states, all zips in the US.
I added these shipping methods to the zone all having different weights, quantities, and shipping costs.
I created a test product to fit the criteria for one of the methods.

In comersus_checkOut2.asp I first got this error:
Sorry for the inconvenience. Error in screenMessages error Type mismatch – ErrNumber13 – SQLSELECT screenMessage FROM screenMessages WHERE idScreenMessage444 AND idStore1

What is interesting is you have a lot of users who get this error and I think it is due to the code.

I edited the comersus_checkOut2.asp by disabling 'on error resume next' so I could see the error. The error was caused by a null value for pShipmentMethodAmount on line 383. I added a check for the null value so it would give it a value of 0. Then the page worked.

So what happens on the front end is the 'Shipment service' drop box display a single option of 'Standard Shipment $0.00'.

Why am I not getting the 'Flat Rate' shipment I set?

If I set "pRealTimeShipping" to "UPS", I get a single option of 'Free Shipping' for the 'Shipment Service'.

How can I fix this??

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