URL redirection for offline payment methods

Comersus Version: 7095
Database type: Access
Frequency: Permanent issue

Hi, I have a couple of questions about credit card processing and URL redirection. We process credit cards off-line on our website. I have a URL redirect set up for our credit card payment methods that redirects the consumer at time of checkout to https://%sitedir%/comersus_offLinePaymentForm.asp where customers input the credit card data and post it. However, on the comersus_checkOut3.asp page it also requests the user to enter the credit card data at the bottom of the screen and click on "confirm" prior to being redirected to the SSL offline page. So, essentially they get asked to enter the CC data twice. Is there a way around this, or do I have something configured incorrectly? Also, are there any security considerations or concerns I need to be aware of prior to being redirected to the SSL page? Thank you for your time.


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