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Comersus Version: 0
Database type: SQL Server
Frequency: Permanent issue

I am having a little problem. I am trying to add new products to my store. I have added new columns in the database to include more information. I broke apart the addproduct page to reflect our needs, and this is what it spits out on our site:

INSERT INTO products (sku, description, price, listPrice, bToBPrice, cost, imageUrl, listHidden, weight, stock, active, idSupplier, hotDeal, emailText, deliveringTime, formQuantity, smallImageUrl, showInHome, dateAdded, hasPersonalization, freeShipping, isBundleMain, searchKeywords, IngramSKU, TechSKU, upc, overview, percentage, map) VALUES ('22000 ','C500N Color Laser Printer',,399.99,0.00,274.29,'22R0010_small.jpg',0,5,0,-1,2,-1,'',0,5,'22R0010.jpg',-1,'4/30/2008',0,-1,0,'','H77941','329951',734646009553,'',8,349.00)

I get this error:

There are errors in your BackOffice: Error in genericSqlexec: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near ','.

What seems to be the issue?

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