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Comersus Version: 0
Database type: SQL Server
Frequency: Permanent issue

I am having a little problem. I am trying to add new products to my store. I have added new columns in the database to include more information. I broke apart the addproduct page to reflect our needs, and this is what it spits out on our site:

INSERT INTO products (sku, description, price, listPrice, bToBPrice, cost, imageUrl, listHidden, weight, stock, active, idSupplier, hotDeal, emailText, deliveringTime, formQuantity, smallImageUrl, showInHome, dateAdded, hasPersonalization, freeShipping, isBundleMain, searchKeywords, IngramSKU, TechSKU, upc, overview, percentage, map) VALUES ('22000 ','C500N Color Laser Printer',,399.99,0.00,274.29,'22R0010_small.jpg',0,5,0,-1,2,-1,'',0,5,'22R0010.jpg',-1,'4/30/2008',0,-1,0,'','H77941','329951',734646009553,'',8,349.00)

I get this error:

There are errors in your BackOffice: Error in genericSqlexec: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near ','.

What seems to be the issue?

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4 Responses to "Add Product"

  1. Comersus (Rollins) says:

    Since it is a modified database we are not able to post the query and check database results. You should copy and paste the query and check SQL Server results. It could be non closed text field, incorrect number of fields, data types, etc


  2. Phillip Wolf says:

    I broke up the data entry into 4 seperate pages and all seems fine now, thanks though.


  3. Matt says:

    We are unable to add or modify Fabrics within the Backoffice UI. The Add button is disabled and the Modify section doesn’t give us the option to actually modify anything. It says our Permission level is “Full Access”, however that doesn’t appear to be the case.

    How do we add or modify our fabrics? If we need to use the .csv option, an example of the format would be appreciated.


    Comersus Rollins Reply:

    There is no feature by default that disable the Add button. You may have a customized Backoffice. Try also to use another browser like Explorer. Some old versions had HTML tags that produce an empty details field.
    If you have permissions over export folder and the correct path you will be able to export to CSV. It is not a complete export but price, id, description, details and stock.


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