Cannot clone product

Comersus Version: 707
Database type: Other
Frequency: Permanent issue

When I attempt to clone a product by selecting an existing problem, I get this error message in BackOffice:

There are errors in your BackOffice+: Error in comersus_backoffice_cloneProductExec.asp, error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ','. – Err.Number:-2147217900 – SQL:SELECT MAX(idProduct) AS maxId FROM products WHERE sku='PW-11CD-P'

Can someone help?

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2 Responses to "Cannot clone product"

  1. Comersus (Rollins) says:

    Open comersus_backoffice_cloneProductExec.asp with a text editor and insert

    response.write mysql

    after the line mySQL="INSERT INTO products…

    Then try again and check the SQL Sentence for errors


  2. ART says:

    Will this fix the clone function?

    Right now when I try to make a clone of a product and make a few changes to the clone it modifies the original and does not create a cloned product.


    ver 9.1


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