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Comersus Version: 9.1
Database type: MySQL
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I am setting up my excel file to import products. How do I enter a sub-category product into the excel file and how do I name the sub-categories when there are other products that have the same type of sub-category. eg Category “Shirts” with sub-category “Red” and the category “T-Shirts” with the sub-category also of “Red”? Thank you

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2 Responses to "Import products Via Excel"

  1. You have to create categories structure in advance, then use the right subcategory in the Excel file.


  2. piero says:

    if you have two subcategories with same name this create a bug. because it extracts from the database all categories that matches but then it uses only the first, so it will probably get the category “red” that you created earlier.


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