Missing Cart Rows

Comersus Version: 6
Database type: SQL Server 2008
Web Site: shop.office-watch.com

I’ve been using Comersus for many years. Woke up to a nasty shock this morning.

The store is running OK but customers and admin only see one purchased product / cart row. There are many valid orders for a customer but only ever one product shows

For example comersus_backoffice_listProductsPurchasedByCustomer.asp?idCustomer=nnnnn Now only shows a single product when there should be many (and there were when I went to sleep last night).

The ORDER list looks OK … it seems like something to do with the indexes.

I’ve tried db REBUILD , REINDEX and SHRINK to no avail.

Any thoughts on how to repair this problem and what might have caused it? There’s nothing in the logs that I can see. No code changes for some time.


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