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Order Number

Comersus Version: 708Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue I would like to attach another number to the order number that will be pulled from the DB. When the order is created, in my case a value of 200 is added to the front of the Order number. On what asp page does this happen. If i

cannot assign password of first login

Comersus Version: 7097Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Access DB (free Comersus) installed in DB folder, Host provides full anonymous writes to DB folder, DSN setup for comersus, parent path allowed, no write permissions to folders other then DB, all othere files installed to DB,http://www.mystore.com/backofficelite/comersus_backoffice_index.asp – first screen, did not ask for password, checked pRunInstallationWizard, set

Real time shipping

Comersus Version: 709Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Permanent issue Why does backofficeplus only allow one real time shipping method? I need to be able to present customers with four methods for FedEx. Do you have any scripts that have been customized to enter and allow multiple methods? If not, I'll hack the scripts and DB myself.

Delete Shipping Information after checkout

Comersus Version: 7097Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Hi There. I have noticed that once shipping to a different address is added to user info it then stays there when you log in again (obviously recorded in DB and not cleared after checkout). Can this be cleared once an order is sent so next time their

Access Security Questions

Comersus Version: 7095Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Just because I don't want to screw something up: 1. How do you properly delete a customer from the DB if they want to regenerate their account? 2. I want to rename the access DB. Is this the section in settings.asp that I modify? ' DSN less connection

Upgrading database 6 to 7

Comersus Version: 603Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue As per Comersus readme.txt instructions on upgrading the Comersus database (6 to 7), I have reconstructed my Comersus shopping cart on my computer running IIS and when I run the Dbupgrade6to7 script I get the following message: Upgrading the DB from 6.xx to 7.xx Starting… Fields modifications Creating

Cart does not write

Comersus Version: 7095Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Diagnostic: ASP COMPATIBILITY: >>Starting execution test…. Trying Active Server Pages Execution: ok! Using Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0 Path: /2hotnow4u2.com/comersus/diagnostics/aspExecute.asp Cookie: ASPSESSIONIDAAACRTRD=NGGJJHFCDGLMGJHOCKJEEMBA >>End of execution test SESSION VARIABLES: Session Variables Loading session variable: done Getting session variable: Test ok! End of Session Variables test DATABASE READ: Database read test Trying to

Tax Data Import

Comersus Version: 702Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue I was trying to import tax codes from 2 different states into the DB. I imported into taxPerPlace table but get the error below when trying to view an item in the shopping cart. Temporary error Sorry for the inconvenience. Cannot get dbSession shipment data at checkout 3

Sql Server 2005 Connection Configuration

Comersus Version: 709Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Permanent issue I need some explicit directions on what to do in order to use SQL. I will try and give as much information as I know to give. This is a brand new install with PP. No information in access db except for default stuff that you guys

Unable to load pictures

Comersus Version: 0Database type: OtherFrequency: Permanent issue I'm getting the following error when trying to upload new images for products Temporary errors There are errors in your BackOffice+: Error while opening DB read:Permission denied Common solutions 1. Check that you haven't change default database path and name 2. Check that your web server has Access

Price: 0.00?

Comersus Version: 707Database type: AccessFrequency: Random issue Hi! Something is wrong with our store. It occurs that each price displayed is set to 0,00, but only when the customer is logged in. If you go directly to the products page without logging in, the correct price is displayed. One solution is to delete the customer

Image Upload Error

Comersus Version: 606Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue I am not able to upload product images to the catalog. When attempting to upload the images this message is returned: There are errors in your BackOffice+: Error while opening DB read:006~ASP 0177~Server.CreateObject Failed~800401f3 I am able to add/edit products without error.

Checkout3, checout2, PayPal Button

Comersus Version: 709Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue On CheckOut2 when you select PayPal it opens checkOut3. Then is opens the PayPal page with their button. There seems to be an unnecessary step and lenghtens the check out process. We do not need to confirm "Terms and Conditions". How can we skip one of these steps,

Script time out problem when upgrading database

Comersus Version: 509Database type: AccessFrequency: Random issue I am trying to upgrade from 5.09 to 7.09. When I get to the page/step I receive the following error: Upgrading the DB from 5.xx to 6.xx Starting… Warning, it seems that your store version is not 5.xx Creating stock records… Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0113'

lost admin password

Comersus Version: 604Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Admin won't allow me access, how to recover user name and password, or change to regain access. I don't have a "lost passward" option to click. Where in the DB can I find it?

database credit cards missing

Comersus Version: 600Database type: AccessFrequency: Random issue What could cause the condition described below? Does it mean that customer credit card info is being intercepted? I'm using Access DB – We process credit cards on a off-line terminal This is ONE example … there are several others situation that are the same … Example: We

message on top of screen

Comersus Version: 708Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue I a getting the following msg at top: orShowDetails = -1 ' error debug level, trap common DB errors pTrapDbErrors=0 %> How can I supress it?

DB write error

Comersus Version: 708Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue I am getting below Installation wizard disabled error. Upon investigating using diagostics tool I am getting below error. Pls help.. I have not opened the db file.. Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005) [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file

Internal Server Error 500

Comersus Version: 708Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue I have set up permissions for the DB and I have tested the DB connections. Every thing works fine but I still get that Internal Server Error 500 message every time I try to open www.mydomain.com/comersus in a browser. I also get the same message when i try