HTML editor

Comersus Version: 607Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Hola.. quisiera saber como puedo hacer para colocar en Editor HTML en la seccion de noticias y de condiciones generales, ya que en estas areas no esta disponible y todo el texto que escribo ahi me aparece cin formato y eso al momento de poner caracteres especiales (?!

Apostrophe in customer emails

Comersus Version: 708Database type: AccessFrequency: Random issue I have the "personalization" field enabled for an item. If someone enters text that contains an apostrophe, they will receive the HTML characters for the apostrophe on their customer email. EXAMPLE If they enter this: Chad's question Their email will look like: Chad's question How do I fix

Product Description

Comersus Version: 709Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Can anyone please tell me how to but line breaks in the product description. When the description is entered when setting up the product, standard HTML does not work. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, SecurityGuy

Comersus v.709 released

Comersus Version: 709Database type: OtherFrequency: Permanent issue New features: Digg Integration inside Customer Reviews Customer password chars allowed verification Fedex and UPS shipments with automatic Tracking Number link Reset BackOffice Plus Shipment Information Clean HTML tags in BackOffice AutoKeywords Patches and enhancements: Case for File Upload verification Cookies Information updated StringFunctions updated Message filtering updated

HTML product description

Comersus Version: 708Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue using the free version, when pasting html in the description field, can I display a table with the info? When I attempt to paste table code in, it throws the page completely off. Is this something that has to be done with the plus version?

ScanAlert Certification

Comersus Version: 708Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue In order to get HackerSafe certification from ScanAlert, I need to include this modification: Please provide specific instructions so I can pass this vulnerablity test with ScanAlert. ScanAlert gives this General Solution: "Ensure that parameters and user input are stripped of HTML tags before using. Remove ", ""

Problems with timeouts

Comersus Version: 708Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Hi, I maintain a website for a customer and use the Comersus cart. Over time we have come across a number of errors 1) When my customer is adding details to a product, sometimes it can take a while to type all the required information in. This leads

HTML limitation on Product Description

Comersus Version: 707Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Permanent issue I am attempting to copy a page-full of html code into the product description, but everytime I do that the page returns a "page not available", then if i were to click on the back button and submit again the browser would load forever and time-out. Is

Digital Download

Comersus Version: 708Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue I set up the cart with digital download. I put the link of the download Http://mysite/name.zip into the product. PayPal took the payment and directed me back to the page that said Thanks! It did not start downloading the .zip file. What am I doing wrong? Does it

CDO Email Formatting

Comersus Version: 5095Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Permanent issue Can you guys tell me how to format the CDO email for version 5.9? The confirmation email is coming through as 1 paragraph, vs having line breaks, address on 1 line, zip on another, etc, etc. Can you tell me how to fix? Can CDO produce HTML

Create HTML product page store 2

Comersus Version: 707Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue I try to find out the settings for this function, but I need some help. And is it possible to create HTML product page for two different stores ROOT Root (default store) Backoffice Comersus store 1 Settings Root Comersus pro (store 2) settings Everything will be fine in

cannot utilize the impot utility on BackOfficeLite

Comersus Version: 707Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue I tried to import my products table using the comersus_backoffice_importProductsForm.asp script. I kept getting the error message: Trying to Import line#1… Wrong fields quantity. Check the file format. I check the ASP script, and the order is different from what is described on the html. ASP Script: pFields

SEO HTML Page Question

Comersus Version: 700Database type: OtherFrequency: Permanent issue Hi when i create the SEO catalog.htm and all the product HTML pages i wish to remove Powered by Comersus ASP Shopping Cart text,the http://www.comersus.com text and the comersus image. Basically i would like to remove ALL references to comersus from the SEO html pages. I am fairly

HTML emails

Comersus Version: 705Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Hello, The confirmation email that clients recieve is currently being sent out in plain text. We are sending emails via JMAIL. Is there anyway that we can change the emails to be sent in HTML format? The pSendPlainText function is set to No. Thank you for your help.

Text formatting of production description

Comersus Version: 705Database type: AccessFrequency: Random issue Extra characters are being added to the product description when entering plain text only – like this: It&nbsphas&nbsptwo strands (suppose to be "it has two strands") There are not two spaces or a special character between 'it' and 'has' When entering the HTML for the description, it shows

HTML Email with CDOSYS

Comersus Version: 607Database type: OtherFrequency: Permanent issue Comersus: An email is sent to the store admin after the customer confirms the details on the comersus_checkOutOrderVerify.asp page. I want this email to be an HTML email (so I can embed a logo, etc.). I have changed mail.BodyFormat from =1 to =0. What do I need to


Comersus Version: 705Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Hello, in respect to ASPZIP – You've to download the component from http://www.mitdata.com/AspEasy/index_zip.asp It states: This component is freeware but it has one limitation, when zipping and unzipping it displays a message on the html page and it puts a reminder file inside the zipped file, if you

Remove SKU

Comersus Version: 705Database type: AccessFrequency: Random issue Is there a way to remove the sku from the title of the product on page 'comersus_viewItem.asp' and any way to change the font of the product heading. I know the description can be changed using HTML, but I cant seem to change the heading. Thanks

Minimal Scripts for an HTML Type Page

Comersus Version: 705Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Permanent issue I need add pages for HTML type of contents. Since I still need use the common header.asp and footer.asp, and maintain the integrity of the site, I suppose I need keep some of the plumbing asp scripts for the site. My question is: what is the minimal

Edit Product description with mozilla?

Comersus Version: 702Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Permanent issue I remember reading somewhere that you cant edit product descriptions in mozilla with the HTML editor. However you can 'turn off' the HTML editor, making it possible to edit the description, and add products. Although I cant remember where I read this, or how to do it?