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Paypal help

Comersus Version: 7097Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Hi I have set up IPN which works fine But if someone wants to send me money through donate button on my site I recieve the money OK except the commersus paypalsilentresponse script sends me an error telling me that a numeric number was epected for the order

IPN fault

Comersus Version: 7097Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Hi when I try and use the paypal IPN I get through to the paypal payment page and click on the pay button I then recieve the following message " the invoice has already been payed" can anyone help please Paul M

IPN problem with order numbers

Comersus Version: 708Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Hello I've been running Comersus for over a year with no problems, but suddenly I'm getting IPN errors on every order. The response is coming back with an extra order number prefix added – so the order 200432 will come back via IPN as 200200432 and thus create

Paypal IPN received multiple times

Comersus Version: 708Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Permanent issue For some unknown reason I am receiving the same IPN repeated every 24 hours from Paypal for a sale made several days ago. I can think of no reason why this has suddenly started happening. The only reason I know this is happening is because I have

PayPal Standard IPN

Comersus Version: 708Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue After making a valid order and payments made via IPN, the order status is not converted to Paid. How to solve this? I've activated IPN and already key in the url http://www.(my website).com/store/comersus_gatewayPayPalSilentResponse.asp (I am using the Sandbox Paypal throughout this testing) Please help.

Order status still pending despite using IPN

Comersus Version: 708Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue I have set up my Paypal option and have noticed that despite using IPN and directing it to the comersus_GatewayPaypalSilentResponse.asp file, when customers make an instant payment the status of the order is still staying as "pending", and as such the items sold are still showing as available

Paypal IPN

Comersus Version: 705Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Hi, I'm trying to use Paypal standart as you decsribed in manual. PayPal Standard First of all you have to sign up at https://www.paypal.com/us/mrb/pal=NNLGPNK82TUS6 Then you have to enter your PayPal Merchant Email inside BackOffice/Settings/Configuration (key named pPayPalMerchantEmail) Then you have to create a new payment method named

canadian currency and paypal

Comersus Version: 708Database type: OtherFrequency: Permanent issue It seems paypal has changed it's IPN. Here is the message on the paypal site: "Note: If you are using IPN, you must update your scripts to handle payments in currencies other than U.S. Dollars." So how do I change the currency in the cart to Canadian Funds?

Email Errors

Comersus Version: 707Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Permanent issue I wanted to start this in a new thread as it is affecting several other issues. IPN is not working for PayPal. When I manually enter an order as paid, I receive the cannot relay message. I cannot retreive a password due to the same error. When

paypal configuraci

Comersus Version: 700Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue He seguido el manual para obtener una cuenta paypal, he configurado el IPN. Lo que necesito es saber que m

Problem with IPN

Comersus Version: 708Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Im trying to test out the shoping cart but i cant seam to get the ipn to update the quantitys of my things. Here are the setting i have so far. In Paypal SandBox Test Account: sales_1183069215_biz@domain.com Jun. 28, 2007 15:20:29 PDT API Username: sales_1183069215_biz_api1.domain.com API Password: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Comersus 7.08 Just Released

Comersus Version: 708Database type: AccessFrequency: Random issue New Features: Complete PayPal Pro BackOffice Integration SagePayments and Nochex Gateways added Dineromail, Decidir SPS, BNL Argentina gateways added Password analysis for BackOffice Plus admins New HTML editor for BackOffice Plus Rental cancellation for Refund and RollBack Taxes modification added for BackOffice Lite Customer registration random password sent

error during IPN test

Comersus Version: 707Database type: OtherFrequency: Permanent issue Temporary error Sorry for the inconvenience. Receiver email is different from Merchant email. Defined is: sales@eastcoastsolarsystems.com, the other is:pb-pdn@paypal.com http://paypaltech.com/Stephen/test/ipntest.htm

IPN not marked paid

Comersus Version: 705Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue I've double checked the IPN path in PayPal, it's on and correct. The server supports Microsoft.XMLHTTP , MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP. – versions: 3.0, 4.0. I've tried all objects above. Still not making the orders "Paid" automatically. I'm testing this using 2 of my PayPal accounts. I get emails of the

Question about Paypal IPN

Comersus Version: 705Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Permanent issue OK, I have setup paypal to use an IPN with the URL: https://www.mydomain.com/comersus7f/store/comersus_gatewaypaypalsilentresponse.asp Is this correct? I also modified the page: comersus_gatewaypaypal.asp to have the same URL (as above) for the hidden form element called 'Return' Is this all setup like it should now? It seems paypal

Digital Goods,

Comersus Version: 705Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Random issue Hi, I have set everything howeve the payment does not change from pending to paid, IPN is Set. Also the email does not provide a link. Configurations are set as ASPUPLOAD (from www.aspupload.com) this is on my server….a limit of 1mb is set. Does this change anything?

Digital Goods

Comersus Version: 705Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Permanent issue Hi, I have been trying to configure the digital Goods Downloads feature to work. I have been unsuccessful in this. I have set it as ZIP from configurations menu (Assunming no components would be required on my hosting service). I have created a zip file and placed

Order show as pending when using PayPal IPN

Comersus Version: 705Database type: OtherFrequency: Permanent issue Our order still show as pending when paid through paypal. I has following details have been setup at paypal: IPN: on IPN URL: URL: http://www.domain.co.uk/comersus/store/comersus_gatewayPayPalSilentResponse.asp Email confirmation of the order from comersus and payment from paypal are recived but the order still show as pending. Any ideas?

Database update

Comersus Version: 607Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue hi, I am testing my cart in paypal sandbox… I also configured the IPN in my paypal.. But when the payments are done my cart orders are remained as pending when they have to be paid.. this is an serious issue for me…it has to be fixed ASAP…plz