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Comersus Version: 708 Database type: SQL 2008 Web Site: www.yocracing.com My version of MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.4.0 in the 708 cart ran fine on my old iis 2003 server, now on iis7.5 (2008 R2) won’t run unless I remove the .4.0 and just use “MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP” but then gatewayPayPalExpress2.asp cannot find the pEmail in the search string mySQL=”SELECT idCustomer

CAD support

Comersus Version: 603Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue I've noticed that comersus cart doesn't support CAD dollar processing. Is their a third-party add on pack, or a script that can be modified to provide CAD output to PayPal processing and Payment Gateways? Or is comersus a US economy restricted application? Thank You THW

Payment Gateways

Comersus Version: 0Database type: Frequency: What is the full list of supported payment gateways. Th documentation lists some then says "many more…" Coule Tech Supp reply with a complete list of all the supported payment gateways?

Enabling the Payment Gateways

Comersus Version: 0Database type: Frequency: Okay, I think Im about there, but still need some help. Ive got the products in, the site running and can run through the entire purchase process fine. I was wondering the following though: 1. Most sites simply ask the customer to input a CC type, number, etc, and then