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setting up SSL certificate page

Comersus Version: 709Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Hi, I would like to have my checkout process secure – I guess uses the https:// starting from when the customer submit the order and about to type in their payment information. How do I set it to go start going to this secure page and then leave

No SSL padlock appearing

Comersus Version: 607Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Permanent issue Hi, For website www.mysite.com.au we had a customisation to our checkout a little while ago. Since the customisation there is no SSL certificate for our checkout page. We have been advised that the issue is that the link to the page is not referencing "https://". How do

SSL secured

Comersus Version: 7097Database type: OtherFrequency: Permanent issue I read quite a few threads about SSL but I am still not sure how to set it up. Could someone provide a step by step instructions how to apply SSL to login and other pages that should be protected? Helm User Guide talks about a SSL folder

CC Data

Comersus Version: 607Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Hi, i have finally got the cart working on a shared SSL by creating a DSN connection! Now i can securely accept payment card data but where do i locate the card number, expiry date and Cvv2 code in backoffice? I cannot find it anywhere? I will be

timeout when checking out with big orders

Comersus Version: 707Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Random issue We are running version 7.07 on a windows server. When we put in over 40 digital goods (MP3 songs) into the cart and checkout, we get an error page in the IE browser. We tried it on another PC and it works. Could it be that the

URL redirection for offline payment methods

Comersus Version: 7095Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Hi, I have a couple of questions about credit card processing and URL redirection. We process credit cards off-line on our website. I have a URL redirect set up for our credit card payment methods that redirects the consumer at time of checkout to https://%sitedir%/comersus_offLinePaymentForm.asp where customers input

Security of Decryption Utility

Comersus Version: 7095Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Shouldn't the utility file that does the decryption of CC numbers be on an SSL server, too? It seems to me that, if it is not, then the encrypted string and the decrypted CC number are vulnerable during transmission. If so, are there any special configuration issues for

installation problems

Comersus Version: 7095Database type: OtherFrequency: Permanent issue Hello, I am Italian, excuse me for my english! I have uploaded comersus folder (renamed "imperium" ) in my remote hosting (http://www.highsecurity.it/imperium/) I have problems to display installation page. setup of my host: InfoResource Used Allowed Validity period Jan 8, 2008 Aug 10, 2009 Disk space 3.69 MB

CC Info

Comersus Version: 7095Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Permanent issue I am having a VERY hard time seeing the OFFline CC info even with SSL, I REALLY need help , can anyone help me? Fariborz

Checkout/Payment Step: Intermittent Session Ending

Comersus Version: 436Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Random issue It appears that every so often the session is timing out when the user goes to the payment page. I am thinking this is related to the fact that this is also when the site jumps to SSL and passes information via the query string. This is

SSL & Offline Orders

Comersus Version: 705Database type: AccessFrequency: We have backofficeplus version 7.05 We have an SSL certificate covering the entire web site. We want to collect the credit card information in SSL security using offline orders. What is the best and easiest way to do that, without having to write any custom code?

SSL cert added

Comersus Version: 708Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue No we get this error: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005' [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Operation must use an updateable query. /comersus/includes/databaseFunctions.asp, line 83 what can be the issue?

Google Checkout Object required: 'domResponse.docu

Comersus Version: 705Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Permanent issue Object required: 'domResponse.documentElement' I just downloaded and installed the "GoogleCheckoutNewIntegration" ala the readme file: Created a "google" subfolder, with file permissions assigned to the local user account using my google checkout merchant ID and key for password Copied the comersus_gatewayGoogleMerchant*.asp and comersus_gatewayGoogleNotification.asp into that folder, the remaining


Comersus Version: 700Database type: OtherFrequency: Permanent issue why all the files not planed to set in the servers ssl folders? i realy can't understand… take for example the wish list..it's planed for http and not for https…

SSL and cart empty on checkout

Comersus Version: 707Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Permanent issue Hi I have scanned the forum, and found similar issues some with solutions, but would like an opinion as to the best solution to this problem. My store runs on the http protocol, I then switch to https, for the credit card authorisation part (Paypal Payflow), but

Page blocked by I.E. 7

Comersus Version: 600Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Hi – I am getting a strange problem occurring. We have moved our site to a new hosting provider and to a new url and purchased an SSL certificate. The problem is that when you go through the purchase process and get to the checkOutOrderVerify page and click

SSL Certificate for Authorize.net

Comersus Version: 708Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Do I need to purchase an SSL certificate for my site to use the authorize.net payment gateway? Previously, I used autorize.net's SSL site for collecting credit card info but this required quite a few modifications to the store software that I was using at the time.


Comersus Version: 707Database type: SQL ServerFrequency: Permanent issue I would like to know the steps for the easiest way to setup the check-out proccess for SSL. In particuler the page that asks for CC info. Thanks Matt


Comersus Version: 707Database type: AccessFrequency: Permanent issue Hi My ISP sells SSL folders in 10Mb sizes, Comersus is 15Mb so I need to split it into the pages needing security and others. Is there a documented way of doing this or do I have to plough through the links hopefully Pete G